Our Team

Isa Karisson is a seasoned dance expert known for her deep passion for dance and her ability to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. From a young age, Isa was captivated by the rhythm and movement of dance, which led her to explore a variety of dance forms throughout her life. Her journey through dance is not just a pursuit of technique but a celebration of cultural diversity and personal expression.

Over the years, Isa has developed a rich understanding of different dance styles, from classical ballet to contemporary street dance, allowing her to create a broad and inclusive approach to teaching dance. Her expertise is particularly noted in her ability to break down complex dance movements into understandable and doable steps, making dance less intimidating and more fun for beginners and seasoned dancers alike.

Isa’s approach is rooted in the belief that dance is not just an art form but a vital part of holistic wellness. She emphasizes the health benefits of dance, advocating for its role in enhancing physical fitness, improving balance and flexibility, and boosting mental health through creative expression and social interaction.

Through her work, Isa has helped countless individuals overcome their hesitations and physical limitations. She provides personalized solutions that address each individual’s challenges, helping them to not only learn dance but to also embrace it as a joyful and fulfilling part of their lives. Isa is especially skilled in creating adaptive dance programs that cater to people of all abilities, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy and benefits of dancing.

For those looking to stay connected with the dance world, Isa offers a curated event calendar that highlights a variety of dance events, from local workshops to international competitions, enabling her followers to engage with the dance community both locally and globally.

Isa continues to inspire and educate through various platforms, sharing her love for dance and her insights on how it can enrich one’s life, cultivate community, and foster personal growth. Whether you’re a novice seeking to step out on the dance floor for the first time, or an experienced dancer aiming to refine your skills, Isa Karisson is your go-to guide for all things dance.

Email: isa@fulldancecard.com